AS I sit here preparing to launch my novel I have tears pouring down my face-somewhat melodramatic it may seem but there is a whole complex story behind this journey and I’m feeling it-a jumble of emotions-over five long years since I started writing ‘A thousand miles…’ in our small house in the mountains…before it got repossessed by the bank…when the love of my life walked into my life and out again…before I was misdiagnosed with a tumour and underwent complicated surgery-yes the usual f**king bullshit that life throws at you and all the while my novel accompanied me on the journey, an escape from it all-one of the few things in my life I’ve see through to the end. You may be surprised at my frankness; however I believe that when you understand the author you understand the book. I looked at Yas this morning-as tired and forlorn looking as me ( she has a difficult exam today) and said-this is crazy we ought to both be jumping for joy-this book is symbolic of many of the things we’ve been through-we didn’t give up-I didn’t give up on my dream-a small dream perhaps but we’ve made it real 