How the story began...

How the story began...

I've always loved creative writing and from a young age would spend my time writing short stories. As an adult I continued writing for myself and finally found the courage to send some articles to a local paper, which were subsequently published. I also enjoyed writing a blog and some angst poetry. I began writing more seriously around five years ago after trying my hand at some Erotica after reading an article on the benefits of being a writer of this particular genre!
This led me into my novel as I started to express myself as a woman and my own personal experiences in life. I just found I could not stop writing and found it to be a hugely cathartic experience-the only drawback being, reliving certain experiences as you write means you also experience the pain. 

What are my aspirations as a writer? To achieve fulfillment doing something I love and recognition in some capacity- Of course, who wouldn't want to enjoy some fame and fortune while we're at it? However, something as simple as knowing people have enjoyed your story or been able to empathize with certain characters or situations; to think I've put a smile on someone's face or raised a laugh, all that would be hugely satisfying.
I've been a drifter all my life and never really found what I wanted to do; hopefully this may help in opening up an alternative path! I currently live in Spain, where I've resided on and off since 1986, with my two daughters.

A THOUSAND MILES FROM NOWHERE is fundamentally a love story. 
The original title was, 'A 1000 miles of space' alluding to the physical and emotional distance between two people. However, after one publisher commented that it sounded more like the title for a Sci-Fi novel I began to rethink. It was thanks to 'Paul Hardcastle' and his track, 'A 1000 miles from nowhere', that I heard on a flight returning from a family trip to Dubai, that the inspiration for the new title suddenly hit! Strangely enough, another potential title was 'Shine a light' a stunning track by 'Spiritualized' which actually plays a part in the story itself- Music, as you can see plays a large part in my inspiration and indeed I almost always write with a 'writing soundtrack' to inspire and accompany me.
A THOUSAND MILES FROM NOWHERE; is told in the first person, an account of the protagonist's feelings, experiences and adventures as she leaves the UK on a journey of self-discovery.
In an attempt to blot out all memories of the person who had such a profound and at times, damaging, effect on her life, she finds herself drawn to other men to numb the pain. She embarks on a series of affairs and relationships, some of which invariably end in tears and others that potentially place her life in danger. Despite her intentions to 'find herself' and some direction in life, she's drawn to some less salubrious characters, as well as certain mind altering substances that do little to clarify her thought patterns, adding more confusion to an already confused mind! 
The story is in part based on my own real life experiences, as well as those of others I've known, with a large portion of imagination thrown in of course...

How best to describe the book in few words? A journey of experimentation and sexual awakening set in Spain in the late eighties/ early nineties at a time when the whole 'New Age travellers' scene was well and truly alive-Veering from light-hearted, amusing reading to moments of deeper introspection, darkness and hedonism. Whilst writing the book every scene was vivid and real for me, accompanied by a continuing soundtrack in my mind. I've no doubt that this could be made into an amazing film, a sensitive and beautifully filmed portrayal of the novel with, of course, incredible tunes to accompany it. The scenery, the light, the atmosphere, everything is here, making it both a realistic if somewhat ambitious project.

Who is the book aimed at? Given the drug content and travel, my initial assessment would have been, 'Alternative chick lit' and 'the young twenty something/backpackers'. Perhaps subtle murmurs of, 'Hideous kinky', 'The beach', combined with 'Eat, pray, love' but with the rawness of 'Skins'! I have actually described the story as a "F***ed-up Bridgette Jones on Acid", that in itself is probably enough to appall some and enthrall others: Who knows? 
Hopefully those from my generation who were around at the time, travelling and experimenting, will show some interest in the subject matter-This is all purely from a marketing perspective as I don't like to pigeon hole: Whoever the book touches in some capacity is enough for me.
Finally, I don't believe my story is any more or less unique than anyone else's, I've just chosen to tell it.