Cat Stevens, Tom Wolfe, Osho, Alien Invasions and Me!

I forgive you if you are already thinking; what the hell is this woman on about now?!
Actually, I’m pretty much wondering the same thing myself…some like myself ‘suffer’ from what is commonly referred to as an over active mind-which can be rather overwhelming at times.
I woke up sweating and breathing heavily (No-stop right there dirty minded people!) after a very strong dream about alien invasion-the end of the world- and an orange moon…horribly real-and yes I know there is an orange moon at present so not exactly strange…but disturbing nonetheless-I immediately picked up the nearest book to my bed which happens to be ‘Osho’ on meditation-whilst having the Cat Stevens song ‘Miles from nowhere’ on endless play in my mind (an important person in my life during my childhood years) the thought of Gabriel Garcia Marquez-‘A hundred years of solitude’( a book I read in my teens purely because I fell in love with the title) ah yes and Tom Wolfe-The electric kool aid acid test also in my head  (another influential book for my own novel and in my younger years) and let’s not forget the endless list of need to do’s next week-next month-next year-swirling around making me dizzy…all this before on a Saturday morning.
Now perhaps you understand my need to truly learn the art of meditation-that endless mind chatter can be soooo tiring at times…yes I have read ‘The power of now’ before anyone thinks of recommending it! This is when I HAVE TO WRITE or I will go mad- I have the idea for two other novels swirling around not to mention the piece on the Spanish Civil war just waiting to be finished but in the meantime it has been a positive time recently as I learn from both good and not so good experiences that life throws at you: I have had two radio interviews about my book-one in Spanish and one live in English-I enjoyed both immensely and felt very comfortable and immediately thought how I would love to have my own show! Ah let the good music flow…ah yes and an article in the local press too with two more to go; given I have no experience of marketing and am learning to self -promote this is all a steep learning curve for me. I am now working on the short 7 min video of my radio interview on Spanish radio with images and music to compliment –eye catching is what we want!
 Spring is in the air-stunning weather-nature is vibrant with energy-the air is buzzing and so is my head! The not so good experiences I shall leave out but let’s just say there is going to come a point when I shall have to say what is on my mind in a dignified controlled manner and let certain people know that respect is mutual particularly when in employer/employee situation-finally a level of maturity-not many years ago I would have blown up (I so nearly did!) stormed out in a torrent of expletives…there’s something to be said about reaching 40 ;)
Well I shall leave you with Cat Stevens, the local paper and Tome Wolfe-Have a nice day!