As I sit here and contemplate the fact that after so long in the works-my story is finally out there for all to see, I realise how daunting a task this has been: Not only the whole process of writing-formatting-editing etc etc but having the confidence to expose part of your soul to the world. It was with great relief and excitement that I received my first review on Amazon from someone who had previously been a stranger to me-not only was it a 5 star review it was someone who ‘got it’ understood where I was coming from: This is always extra important on a personal level when, as in my case, the story is semi –autobiographical. In theory, and from an objective standpoint, it shouldn’t matter but let’s face it-when someone really gets your art, it’s a satisfying feeling: So, where now from here? The relentless task of finding new sites to market the book, forums, chat-rooms and 2 more days of free downloads in the next month…plus the wait for more feedback and reviews…and living, looking for work again and being a parent-lest I forget!

My kids put up with quite a lot from me quite honestly but on the other hand-what is a normal family? A large chunk of my own childhood was spent surrounded by hairy musicians (it was the 70`s of course!) with my father away on tour a lot of the time. Looking back I realise how normal this seemed at the time-indeed it is all you know. The other day when my father suggested I listen to ‘CAT STEVENS-MILES FROM NOWHERE’ It brought home the importance of that time in my life: Cat’s music was ever present given my father spent a good few years working alongside him till his eventual conversion to Islam. I’ve mentioned before on here the importance of music whilst I write and how inspiring I find particular tracks and yet it’s only been in recent years that i’ve recognised what a brilliant and profound musician Cat (nowadays known as Yusuf Islam) really is: Again I put this down to something seeming to be so normal that at times you don’t really appreciate its true greatness-‘familiarity breeds contempt’ it is said, that may be a more extreme version of the truth. Now however, all these years later I can sit back and contemplate the music, the pictures, the paraphernalia picked up along the way and all the great things that have shaped me into who I am today. Cat’s amazing lyrics permeated the air around me throughout my formative years and now I can give thanks for having had the opportunity to be inspired by such beauty as well as my love for music. Thanks to for my father for having pointed out such an obvious song to accompany me and my story.


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