Preparing my novel for #KINDLE

Well, after 6 years of on/off writing-love/hate,blood sweat and tears ( okay- perhaps a minor exaggeration but not totally!) I am finally on to final stage of completion...this means am doing the formatting for KINDLE.
 The book will be available for sale on AMAZON to begin with in E-BOOK form and from then onward the novel in its entirety will no longer be available on my blog-just extracts.
 After losing hope, losing computers and laptops along the way with half my work; moving house countless times not to mention relationship breakups and operations..somewhere amongst all this my novel continued to be present-I would endeavour to finally complete something I had started: And now I have!
  I've been completely honest with regards to my vision for the book: I've always seen this as possibly a better movie than a novel-it's not a literary classic, simply a fun, honest 'semi' true account of...many things! I'll leave that bit to your imagination...:)