Here is the link to my Interview!
 The 'Sandwich' filling question is funny! What does it say about me? What if I had chosen a plain and simple Cheese sandwich-would that make me more grounded and reliable? I wonder if there is a science behind such things? Pity Freud's not about to ask anymore! Ooh I think I say something rude in the novel about 'Freud' Sorry-no offense! Well you know-The main character 'Saff' gets a bit uppity about Sarah's bitchy remarks with regards to 'Therapy'...anyway back to the sandwich fillings: 'Tortilla EspaƱola' is also one of my favourite fillings in case anyone is interested..;)
 And with regards to taking a Spanish lover to improve ones language skills...well, I'll leave that one to your imagination: Enjoy! A great interview-a great book review and a great site! Thanks for the support


  1. A pleasure getting to know you Zoe... and of course you know I loved your book!
    Elle xx

  2. Thank you Elle-likewise! And what a great first review-you made my day xx


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