Yes, I'm still here-just about-though I seem to have spent more time under my duvet lately: This back problem has been debilitating and left me with,'pocas ganas' as they say in Spanish to do anything other than hibernate. Life goes on and as the pain slowly lessens I have missed writing-the exciting news is that I have a publisher who is going to take on the novel and it will be available in print form as well as in E-book form! It's given me the 'kick up the arse' -to put it crudely-to get on and fuel my creative streak. I really hope it works out with this particular company and that we have a mutually successful 'partnership' on the the journey that is,' A Thousand Miles From...' The book is HALF PRICE on Amazon for a limited period until the publishers start work and it will then be temporarily unavailable until it is re-released. Just to remind you of some of the great feedback I've received so far: 'Highly recommended for those of us that wished we'd travelled more as youngsters... and those that did it and want to relive it in full technicolour.' 'This book will ring a bell with many a soul born in the second half of the 20th Century and anyone who has travelled off the beaten track and in Spain. It's an adventure from start to finish.'




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