Hunks, Clowns, Freaks, Sexy Beasts-the novel is being read everywhere!

Am so excited to finally have my novel in my hands-as you can see from the pics below it goes EVERYWHERE with me! I would love everyone who has bought the novel in either paperback form or E-book to send a picture of themselves (no nudes please!haha) with the book in their hands from anywhere in the world-with a famous landmark behind them or a street sign with the name of your town etc or even in the middle of nowhere! I shall eventually make a collage with all the pics :)

Crazy people in Dubai...

                                                    Ah yes-'The author' with the erm..'kids' at the circus aka freak show! some excellent pictures were taken by the same photographer who designed the book cover :)

Mad woman skiing!

And distracting the market traders....

And our Lebanese hunk in Dubai!!

                                             Sydney Australia-the novel on Kindle!

The interview  on Sunday 23rd Feb, on a site called 'WE LOVE MEMOIRS'! Do check it out...