It's such a great feeling to finally relax and read my novel as if for the first paperback form in my hands finally...phew! And to laugh out loud at the insanity portrayed within the pages (conveniently forgetting it's semi autobiographical!) Chapter 6-'Smoke on the water' is a good example of some of the more 'insane'moments in the story as Saff and Mat find themselves hitching a lift with some rather erm, 'interesting' characters- 'spinal tap' in all its glory! Enjoy the ride 

Chapter 14-THE PUSHER MAN AND THE DOORS OF PERCEPTION-I looked at him with a mix of curiosity and disdain. He was an odd looking bloke. His eyes would change from a beautiful gold to sudden deep dark empty pools, devoid of emotion. His skin was deathly pale, his body achingly thin almost emaciated. He must have once been attractive, before the drugs brutalized his body.
He was the dealer, the pusher man.
Both loved and loathed by all those who knew him.
I felt a moment of fear and foreboding in the pit of my belly. Did I really want to do this



Deep Purple-Smoke on the water

'"I'm Saff." I smiled back, beginning to relax a little. He motioned to the one on my left. "He's Eddy. He's tripping right now" he said as a matter of fact. God! The guy was muttering to himself and his eyes were rolling back in his head. What the fuck had we got ourselves into now?
The journey became progressively weirder. The driver seemed to have a minor issue; he couldn't concentrate or drive straight. He also seemed to forget that there were some speed limits in Spain. This was not the autobahn, I felt like informing him. The heavy metal on the stereo, combined with the bizarre behaviour from ' Eddy' was starting to put me on edge. Suffice to say, his trip was not a good one. I was getting a bit concerned for his sanity, as well as my own. I turned to Marco, "You know; I'm worried about Eddy. His trip isn't good. We should stop and put some mellow music on, chill the atmosphere." Marco shrugged, "I'll talk to Helmut." "Helmut?" I asked bemused. "The driver; his name is Helmut." He replied. I stifled a laugh.I wasn't laughing minutes later when Helmut began swigging from a bottle of JD.  "Yeah man! Smoke on the water!" Helmut turned round, taking his hands off the wheel and gave us a demonstration of the famous riffs. I screamed as the van swerved. Eddy began screaming too as the van careered off the road, hitting some dustbins. Helmut slammed on the brakes. The van came to a shuddering halt. We were propelled forwards where I landed on the sleeping band mate. Sleeping? How the fuck he'd managed to sleep through this was beyond me. Eddy continued screaming. Deep purple were still shrieking on the stereo.
This was pure insanity.
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