Alien nation
Back in the homeland for various reasons; a family wedding, catching up with relatives and friends and some more personal issues to resolve that are not so easy to do when over a thousand miles away. Without doubt, this is a good a time as any to visit the UK for if the weather isn’t good now it’s unlikely to be at any other time.
From The Isle of Wight to Surrey, to Kensington to Southall, we are taking a close look at life back in the UK and comparing to our life back in Spain. Oh yes, I miss the stunning scenery and climate; swimming in the warm Med and gazing at the majestic mountains- urban London just doesn’t do it for me in the same way! However ( long pause here) I am taking time to observe and consider the very real differences with regards to work/career-future prospects for me and my young daughter and the difference between what is a very negative climate of recession and little prospect of great change in Spain for years to come.
 When you’ve lived years between both countries it’s very hard to make right decisions-torn between heart and head. The Spanish coast is a lovely pace to bring up family and live an outdoor laid back existence-though a constant struggle to survive and a never ending beaurocratic battle with a Facist- government who goes out of its way to make life more than difficult for anyone less than a millionaire; well, it does make you think and start to reconsider.
I’m under no illusions here either-life in the UK isn’t a piece of cake and it’s an expensive country, not to mention grim if you’re not on a good wage and living in a nice part of town, but still…wouldn’t it be great to live in both?! !
This is a decision us humans have had to make throughout our existence-migration-hunger-work-fleeing war, famine-leaving behind home and a part of oneself.
I remember befriending an Afghan family in Germany and hearing their stories of life back in their homeland-their education, career ,cultured existence -to working in Mcdonalds-cleaning and living four to one room in Munich. I can only hope twenty years later that their life in Germany has improved immensely. It taught me a valuable lesson-or more than one in fact- but the main is this-the value of a particular passport-the good fortune of being born in the right place at the right time. No matter how down I may become I give thanks for everything I do have and never lose sight of the fact that I do hail from a relatively stable part of the world that has allowed me freedoms so alien to many.

In the meantime I shall continue listening to the brilliant tunes I missed at ‘Glastonbury’ on the radio-wander into ‘little India’ aka ‘Southall’ and delight in a big juicy Samosa and jot down some more ideas for ‘A Thousand Miles From Nowhere’-my published novel which still needs to be pushed and marketed and finally-my dream- made into a brilliant indie movie…directors take note.
I leave you with a couple of pics of my hunky cousin posing with my novel on the streets of London. Peace.