I never really intended to write a sequel to ‘A THOUSAND MILES FROM NOWHERE’, in fact at one point it was the last thing I wanted to do. I began something completely different which I believe in the long run has huge potential to become quite an epic novel and maybe the best thing I ever do; ‘Born in Bombay’-the provisional title based loosely on my father’s life in India at the end of the colonial times, his life as an immigrant in the UK and his rather interesting time in the 70’s working alongside one of the world’s most famous Singer song writers. However my Friends, such a book is going to be complex; involving at least a couple of trips to India, much research and collaboration. Hence looks like being a long term Project with some financial backing needed so for now that is where it remains; smouldering on the backburner  until the time is right. In the meantime my mind was telling me it was time to get on with writing something, anything; a vague sense of insanity sets in when ones creativity is not being put to use and despite a busy and relatively hectic life, I began to not feel quite myself. The sense of satisfaction I felt yesterday when I put pen to paper (metaphorically speaking of course-more like finger to keyboard) and almost 6000 words began to flow almost seamlessly, well the relief just flooded through me-I was unblocked (excuse the pun but I was/am also recovering from a rather unpleasant virus which had left me a few kilos lighter to say the least)
This time spent working as a carer (see , ¿me and mrs bugger fuck’ link) can also be quite cathartic and ideal in my moments off to write without any distractions and lose myself in the story. There is something comforting about revisiting some of the old characters and reminding both readers and myself of previous adventures from the first book. It’s also important to remind both old and future readers that this is a ‘creative memoir’ based on many real life experiences of mine and those around me: some 100% accurate, others embellished. It is rarely written in chronological order to ensure the story flows well and to also protect myself and many of the characters portrayed. Those close to me and those featured in the novel will evidently know exactly what is real and what is not-for the rest, i’d just say enjoy and don’t analyse too much-that’s my job!
‘Your flesh is my shelter’ will be a Razor Sharp love story for the grunge generation: as always, comical moments mixed with darkness, introspection and enlightenment with a just a sprinkling of sex, drugs and rocknroll! From the Camino de Santiago to Dubai, the ‘Spanish revolution’ and a bunch of post grunge thirty and forty somethings still finding their way; hopefully a little something for everyone but more importantly-a little something for those who’ve lived it.

My writing soundtrack-as always, music accompanies me on my journey and here are the more than relevant tunes that help with my creative process;enjoy :)

Mark lanegan and isobel Campbell-you wont let me down again
Oceansize-women who love men who love drugs
AIC -sea of sorrow
Deerhunter- deisre lines
Sleepy sun -marina
Eddy vedder -big hard sun
Screaming trees
Pearl jam- indifference
Florence and the machine –you got the love
Coldplay –paradise
Dandy warhols-ride


  1. Sounds like a great novel in the making - can't wait to read it!


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