I open my eyes and the first thing i think about is my novel: Well what do I expect after years of a love/hate relationship with what is effectively my alter ego? Saffron won't disappear anytime soon neither will Mat or any of the characters I've brought back to my reality...
 Looking back over the chapters, I'm drawn back to what I refer to as the, 'Fear and loathing' chapters; those based on my time of experimentation-I wonder if anyone has picked up on the fact that they are based around the infamous Costa Blanca town of Benidorm or what I ironically refer to in the story as 'Sodom and Gomorrah'? Some literally mind blowing experiences are fondly remembered, though in some cases not without a shiver down the spine and a sigh of relief that I made it out of the jungle intact...or did I?!

  • The Pusher man and the doors of perception
  • Strawberry fields forever
  • Keep on tripping
The above chapters will take you on my psychedelic journey...


PS-The local paper is doing a write up about me this week-we shall see the response I get when I compare Benidorm to Sodom and Gomorrah...!