MILK ME-A touch of dark erotica

Whilst suffering the post, 'A THOUSAND MILES FROM NOWHERE' publishing 'slump' I have decided to revisit some of the posts on my other blog where I have just come across my poem, 'Milk me:' I've decided to re-post it on here as inspiration fro more writing, new directions... I actually tried my hand at the 'EROTICA' genre a good few years back (yes-PRE-50 shades of grey!!No jumping on bandwagons...) and was told I was pretty good at it but my novel took over and so the rest is history; in any case I may continue now with some of the stories I left unfinished...just to warn you ;)

 Milk me, rebuke me,
My darkest pleasure
Untold thrills I cannot measure

My last sin, as I draw you in.
Ever wide, fingers glide
Upon sultry skin

Chain me, restrain me
As insanity ensues, calamity moves

No pain, no gain whispers my brain
Silent scream,
your love so obscene
What lies between us,
remains unseen

my soul implodes as my body explodes
I slowly unravel as my senses travel…

Breathe you in,
Suck you dry,
I love, I hate
Don’t ask me why

Blood, salt, tears, combine
As I bow at your shrine.
A celestial being
Bound, gagged, eyes unseeing

The blade cuts deep
This scar for eternity will keep

Burning, yearning,
This love stains, only blood remains

You milk me,
you rebuke me

You are my last sin
My deepest