Where Angels Fear To Tread

Artwork by Thomas Thieme

The penultimate day of 2015-yet again time to contemplate the passing of another year-many experiences, good and bad, joyful and painful. I will sit and write my resolutions as always and look back to see what i did and did not achieve this last year. The poem below was a moment of inspiration based on mine and other's experiences and inspired in part too by the excellent artist 'Thomas Thieme' whom i've had the pleasure of meeting and have come to admire many of his incredible creative talents. In the meantime I have a long list of creative to do's - first and foremost republish my novel, 'A THOUSAND MILES FROM NOWHERE' with the original ending and new cover! Then continue writing the other novels i've begun and the many unfinished articles and interviews that taunt me on my desktop! Happy new year to all-love, peace and...
well the rest is up to you :)

Where angels fear to tread

The song that triggers a tear, crystallizes a profound fear
That what awaits me year after year is much of the same
My claim to fame-yet another love to blame, an old flame 
Love rears it’s ugly head, lures me
 To escape myself within your bed
A place where even angels fear to tread.

I lose the thread of my thoughts as I contemplate the gifts you’ve bought
Tokens of love to feed a need 
Mutually agreed pleasure to forever treasure
A secret to be kept, mutual respect 
Only we comprehend the insanity that reigns in these veins
No will to hurt, nor fleetingly flirt with what should not be.

The omnipotent
Ever present within, never present without, won’t die without a shout
Won’t give up, won’t look back in anger, however…
 The danger lies, within these thighs, for addiction is an affliction that ends in tears
Overwhelms, nourishes old fears, eats away the years.

Till one fine day, you pause and say
What was that insanity within? Such overwhelming urge to sin? Swim within your depths
Feed off your eternal debts, consume, burn and yearn
 Till clarity knocks upon your door-the realization that the addiction is no more
We are free to be, Free to love, below and above
Forever together

Forever is never, no more.